[Novel] No.6 _ English.ver

[Novel] No.6 _ English.ver


Author: Atsuko Asano.

Genres: Josei, Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Shounen AI  

Origin: 9ave

Rated: 17+

Status: Completed (9 vol + 1 vol Beyond + Extra)

Aired: 2003

light novel no6

Volume 1

The year is 2013, in the city of No. 6 – the city that embodies the highest ideals of humankind. Shion has been raised here as a high-ranking elite since the age of two, but on the night of his twelfth birthday, his fate is turned upside-down when he meets a boy who calls himself Nezumi. Why did I open the window that night? I would never have needed to know what it was like to fight, starve, or suffer in anguish….

Chapter 1: Nezumi, Dripping Wet.

Chapter 2: A Quiet Beginning.

Chapter 3: Flight for Life.

Chapter 4: Of Fathomless Terror.

Chapter 5: The City of Light.

— Afterword (bunko)


Volume 2

It is 2017. After being chased from No. 6, sixteen-year-old Shion sees the outside world, and its reality, for the first time. What was it that I thought I knew? What have I been seeing all this time? Shion strives to live through every day he spends with Nezumi, but he is confronted with a fateful question― “Me, or No. 6 – which one do you choose?” Fate accelerates, and bears down upon the two.

Chapter 1: Of Life and Death.

Chapter 2: The Place of the Gods.

Chapter 3: Sin and Sanctity.

Chapter 4: The Angel of the Netherworld.

Chapter 5: Hidden Danger.

— Afterword (tankobon)

— Afterword (bunko)


Volume 3

This is why humans are troublesome. The more you involve yourself with them, the tighter the shackles become. It becomes harder to live only for yourself.Nezumi receives a memo from Karan reporting that Safu has been taken away by the Security Bureau. Although he keeps it under wraps, Shion finds out the truth and resolves to save her. The chance of success is infinitely close to zero ― and the story breaks into full sprint!

Chapter 1: The Beautiful Ones.

Chapter 2: Tranquil Scenes.

Chapter 3: Land’s End.

Chapter 4: A Lie of Truth, A Truth of Fiction.

Chapter 5: In Falsity’s Company.

— Afterword (tankobon): In place of excuses

— Afterword (bunko): The World of No. 6 #3


Volume 4

How would he enter the Correctional Facility? What was waiting for him inside? He would resort to anything to seek it out, and find a way to infiltrate it. It would be the only way he could save Safu. Nezumi, Inukashi, and Rikiga are moved by Shion’s passion and determination. But the army has begun to attack people indiscriminately. The Hunt, it was called. But for what purpose―?

Chapter 1: Curtain Up.

Chapter 2: Act One Scene Two.

Chapter 3: Blackout.

Chapter 4: A Stage of Calamity.

Chapter 5: Into the Unknown Light.

— Afterword (tankobon): Of life and death

— Afterword (bunko)


Volume 5

Was this the end for him? Shion and Nezumi succeed in infiltrating the Correctional Facility in order to save Safu, who has been taken away by the Security Bureau. But what awaits them is worse than anything they could have imagined – like Hell on earth. Shion is close to giving up. On the other hand, an ominous force looms closer to Safu every minute. What will unfold in their future?

Chapter 1: A Prayer Yonder.

Chapter 2: Those in the Abyss.

Chapter 3: Those Whose Buds Bloom.

Chapter 4: A Name for White Darkness.

— Afterword (bunko)


Volume 6

Shion has reached the underground depths of the Correctional Facility, and meets an Elder who knows of Nezumi’s past. From him, he hears of the invasions and genocide that No. 6 has perpetrated in its history. What awaits the Holy City now – destruction, or salvation?

Chapter 1: ‘Twere best not know myself.

Chapter 2: Who did see him die?

Chapter 3: The Reason Why.

Chapter 4: Leave Every Hope.

Chapter 5: In my lusts.


Volume 7

The doors of the Correctional Facility, against all odds, have opened at last. Their destination – the topmost floor, where Safu is being kept captive! At the end of a fierce battle with the soldiers of No. 6, what meets Shion’s and Nezumi’s eyes?

Chapter 1: Your Last Embrace.

Chapter 2: If one’s human soul.

Chapter 3: The Arms of Reason.

Chapter 4: Are you sad?

Chapter 5: A Treacherous Joy.

— Afterword (bunko)


Volume 8

Shion is reunited with Safu at last. But the fates are ruthless, and their reunion is also their eternal parting. As the Correctional Facility heaves under explosions and roaring fire, Shion and Nezumi enter their last battle to escape!

Chapter 1: Sound the alarum bell!

Chapter 2: I’ve done.

Chapter 3: Cease from the struggle of war’s impartial contention.

Chapter 4: To the evening breeze.


Volume 9

Shion barely manages to escape the Correctional Facility as it crumbles into ruins. Nezumi is close to dying, and they join with Inukashi and Rikiga to head into the city to save him. After he has learned of all that surrounds No. 6, Shion embarks to the Moondrop, with the future of the people in his hands!

Chapter 1: That which I say I saw.

Chapter 2: But once.

Chapter 3: This quintessence of dust.

Chapter 4: Out, out, brief candle.




One rare, peaceful day in the West Block — Shion, who chose to remain in No. 6 after its destruction — Nezumi, who wanders like the wind. And finally, the secret of Shion’s father. Vivid fragments are cut out from the lives of each, instilling spirit back into the story whose end was a sore parting for many.

–Inukashi’s Days.

–A Song from the Past.

–Shion’s Days.

–Nezumi’s Days.



–Side Story: Days in the West Block

–Side Story: Flowers for beautiful days


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