[AMV K-project] Saruhiko x Misaki x Homra [HD]

AMV of K-project.
➞  ➞  ➞   Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/AiNeji
* LightNovel: https://goo.gl/EXRFKl
* Fanfic: -part 1: https://goo.gl/mzQctJ
—————part 2: https://goo.gl/ra2yit
K is a 2012 anime series produced by the studio GoHands and directed by Shingo Suzuki.
HOMRA (吠舞羅 (ホムラ), Homura), officially identified as the Red Clan, is an infamous organization in Shizume City led by Mikoto Suoh.
Clansmen of HOMRA have a relatively unorthodox fighting style which primarily focuses on hand-to-hand combat in conjunction with their Aura.
Different members also have different tools for their combat usage, such as Izumo Kusanagi using a lit cigarette and Misaki Yata using a skateboard.
It is unknown if HOMRA uses any traditional forms of martial arts though each member seem to use their own unique style; in Misaki Yata’s case, his versatile fighting style revolves mostly on pop culture where he puts a blend of break-dancing and skateboard tricks while using some techniques that derive from traditional forms of marital arts.
Tatara Totsuka (十束 多々良, Totsuka Tatara): One of the first members of Homra, along with Mikoto and Izumo. He has a personality that attracts people, and he was the mood-maker of Homra. According to Izumo, he was the weakest member. However, he was also one of the few people Mikoto was dependent on. He is sometimes referred to as a ‘wild animal trainer’, meaning that he was the only one who could make the red king keep his powers in check. He was a man of many hobbies, including bonsai, guitar, singing, filming, skateboarding and cooking. He was murdered by the Colorless King.
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