[Novel No.6] Volume 3- Afterword (bunko): The World of No. 6 #3

Hello, everyone. Asano here. Thank you very much for accompanying me in the world of No. 6.

I would ask, how did you find it?―but a question like that is the epitome of unsophistication. Let me seal it away.

It has been nearly three years since Volume 3 was first published. I’m sure you would agree that these three years have been worthy to call tumultuous. People’s hearts, values, the state of society, and the goings-on of our world have switched directions, mutated, and changed at dizzying speeds.

Love, justice, the future―things we all believed in without question are on the verge of disappearing without a trace. Maybe that’s the kind of world we live in now.

I’ve been alive for a good while, and have lived for over half a century. People my age are prone to thinking of this current state of the world as something like this: “Well, it certainly is a brutal world, but I guess that’s how things go. A country like Japan seems peaceful on the outside. Maybe we can just say there’s nothing to worry about, and leave it at that.” “Well, what can we do now? We’ve already come so far.”

But even so, after meeting these boys who tear through the streets of rubble, refusing a world ornate in artifice, attempting to face off against a harsh reality, living each and every day as themselves―I come to think there’s no way I could gloss it over or simply give up after all.

But with that said, I wonder what I could do, what I ought to do, and I wrestle with my thoughts and can do nothing but hesitate in a nervous limbo. Maybe I’m afraid to take that first step from fear of getting hurt.

Ugh, I’m sure Nezumi is laughing at me right now.

Adults are free to make excuses and give up; no matter what consequences arise, they will have no one to blame but themselves. But young men and women don’t have it quite the same. They must keep living and survive. They cannot accept despair as easily.

To see the world at their side; to start off from a place in which I’ve rejected despair; to grasp this world with words that are not false trinkets―is it something I would be able to do?

I strongly hope to challenge myself and the reality around me, with No. 6 as my weapon. The chances of my winning are slim, but I’d like to believe… at least, that I won’t be losing constantly.

My gratitude from the bottom of my heart to those who have read thus far.

Summer 2007
Asano Atsuko


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